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A new Energy-Saving Real-Time Operating System for all embedded systems.

UTOS - a new Real-Time Operating System(RTOS). UTOS is an abbreviation of Upwind Technology Operating System. Architected as an Set-based RTOS, UTOS is highly customizable and adaptable, and can be easily configured to meet exacting application-specific requirements. UTOS has many features, including its set-based architecture, energy-saving, very small footprint and fast response.

Features of UTOS


UTOS reduced unnecessary function and machine instruction. UTOS doesn't use lots of ROM/RAM resources and electric power.

Very Small Footprint

The minimal footprint of UTOS is under 300Byte ROM and 100Byte RAM on Microcontrollers.

Fast Response

UTOS is implemented in assembly language. It enables a highly optimized context switch.


  • Some API from specification of uITRON4.0
  • Task Management Funtions
  • Synchronization and Communication Functions
  • Time Management Functions
  • Priority-based FCFS(First Come First Service) scheduling
  • Highly customizable by Component System

Development Host

  • Windows XP(SP2)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Development Tool

  • GNUWing(TM) by Upwind Technology, Inc. and Cygwin
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • UTOS Configurator
  • UTOS Stack Analyzer

Processor Support

  • ARM7
  • ARM9
  • ARM11
  • Cortex-M3
  • SH2


Custom License

Details about development tool

Integrated Development Environment

GNUWing(TM) with Eclipse
GNUWing with Eclipse

UTOS Configurator

Define tasks, select APIs, and Measure the size of ROM/RAM.
UTOS Configurator

UTOS Stack Analyzer

Check the size of stack which your tasks use.
UTOS Stack Analyzer

UTOS SDK(Software Development Kit)

UTOS SDK includes CD-ROM and printed manual.
The CD-ROM includes UTOS binary code, GNUWing, IDE, UTOS Configurator, UTOS Stack Analyzer and PDF documents.

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Contact Info

About the information of our services, please contact to sales@upwind-technology.com.

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